Kampung Kravers @ Lot 10 Hutong Kuala Lumpur

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 Curry puff is Asian most popular snack and it can be found anywhere, the normal mamak stall, nasi lemak stall and now in kiosk,cafe and restaurant. It does remind me of the simply curry puff nearby my housing area where they sell only at 30 cent each and we get to enjoy hot and crispy taste of the curry puff filled up with spicy curried potatoes.

Kampung Kraver's curry puff are made using an old family recipe that will surely reminds us of our childhood taste of the traditional curry puff. They used freshly blended spices, herbs and most important they have not added preservatives, colouring or artificial flavorings. The products are made daily and have no trans fat and low in cholesterol. Kampong Kravers’ products conform to halal guidelines and food safety requirements.

Kampung Kravers is opened in Dec 2014, located at Lower Ground Floor Lot 10 (along the food court area Hutong) but at the corner end. If you come from the entrance from the front walkway of Isetan, you will noticed a signboard showing the staircase leading you to the Hutong (food court area), Kampung Kravers cafe is convenient place to grab a meal or just to take away the freshly baked puffs. 

The curry puffs are available in 14 flavours including sweet potato, kaya, pineapple jam, apple custard, mushroom mayo, spicy tuna, peanut butter, durian and cempedak.
Incredibly delicious curry puffs made with the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices. 
They serve a variety of authentic Malaysian delicacies at a reasonable price. Kampong Kravers make these favorites different from the rest. Here they offer a healthier food and definitely  delicious that you will be kraving for more!

Spolit by choices of so many flavours of the puffs. All puffs are marked with special logos.

Breakfast set available here
Chiller bags have been made for convenient carrying and easy handling for long distance travel.

Kampong Kravers’s ready-to-use curry paste contains no MSG, no added preservatives, no artificial colouring and 100% Halal. The paste has a blend of the freshest ingredients and finest herbs and spices that gives an authentic meal without missing local flavours.
The packaging is convenient, no hassle to buy the ingredients to make the pes and at the same time you can enjoy home-cooked food. The chili paste for nasi lemak and pes Nyonya Laksa looks awesome( those are my favourites.) The instruction is very clear written there you just need to boil it for 10 minutes and the pes is ready.

 Extremely spicy “hot bilis” priced at RM10.50. 
 Healthy Lemongrass, Ginger & Pandan Herbal Tea RM 26.40

XL Spiral Karipap puff pastry is light, crispy and flaky with a generous amount of stuffing. (RM 3.10 for 1, RM 5.20 for 2) Chicken + egg and Mutton Masala, Savory puff and not oily. The puff pastry itself was great and These puffs are freshly oven baked. I enjoy every mouthful of the hot puffs. Yummy

We order the White coffee (Hot) and Honey Lime + asam boi
Refreshing and thirst quenching!
RM6.30 (Iced), RM5.20 (Hot)
Spiced Chai Tea - Perfect-spiced tea mixed with frothed milk. 
RM6.30 (Iced) , RM5.20 (Hot)
 More puffs to explore. There are chickenmuttonsardinespicy anchovychilli tunamushroom mayo and sweet potato puff. 
A sweet twist to your karipap that is available in  durian and apple custard.

(RM 2.40 for 1 & RM 5.20 for 3)

 Nasi Lemak Basmati with Curry Chicken - RM 10.50

This is one of my favourite. Kampung Kravers using the high quality and low glycemic index basmati rice to accommodate sugar concerned and this choices are more healthy. The nasi lemak Basmati comes with sambal chili, crispy anchovies and roasted peanuts. Hot and fragrant Basmati rice with right balance of the sambal chili spiciness. The chicken rendang is delicious with tender chicken meat and flavourful gravy.

Mihun Briyani with Ayam Berempah RM 10.50

Flavored briyani mihun with fried spiced chicken. The meehon is unique with briyani flavour and sambal condiments makes this dish so delicious. One of the best selling item from the menu is the Ayam Berempah. The chicken is freshly fried with crunchy skin and succulent chicken meat. Perfectly seasoned and marinate leaves every bite so pleasurable. 
Something unusual and different. Must Try the Roti Jala + Curry Chicken RM 8.40
Made from natural colouring and infused with natural flavours. It does look sinfully delicious. There are 4 flavours available. Yellow ( made from nasi kunyit), Green ( from Pandan leaves), Purple (From Dragonfruit) and Orange (from Carrot). The roti jala was beautifully done with thin layer and smooth in texture. This Malay traditional Delicacy must  accompanied with a chicken curry dipping.  .
Simple mouth watering menu to suite your palate.

Moist Chocolate Cake, Almond Chocolate Cake & Traditional Banana Cake
The most convincing chocolate cake, Rich in chocolate and melted slowly inside my mouth. Soft and fluffy cake. The good thing about it, the cakes selection is all home receipe, originally homemade and no preservatives.

Kaya & Butte Toast RM 6.30 - Soft on the inside and slightly crunchy texture on the outside.
Perfectly pair with the homemade kaya and butter

Besides that, we also tried the sweet Delicacies with four choices of Kolonial fresh cream puffs - Custard, vanilla, durian and cempedak. Ideal for those who are craving for local fruits. I love the cempedak cream puff, fragrant and full of cempedak filling. The cream puff is definitely the best choice for a quick snack.

Meeting Packages

Take Away  Lunch Sets

Kampong Kravers kiosks are now in Nu Sentral, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Lot 10 Hutong, Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, Skypark Subang Terminal and at the “home cafe” — the company’s head office in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Festive celebration with Kampong Kravers for a healthier and tastier experience.

Lot 10 Hutong CAFE
H19, Lower Ground Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Website : http://www.kampongkravers.com/