Metalcube 1008 Cafe & Bistro @ Menjalara, Kepong

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Container cafe have been mushrooming in Klang Valley and this new concept is the idea of shipping the container that's housed inside. We visited MetalCube 1008 Cafe & Bistro, being the first container cafe in Kepong Menjalara. It was indeed eye catching of converted cargo containers which was placed at the corner end. The staff is preparing the food inside in this small open concept kitchen.

The entrance was welcoming with entirely DIY decoration and interior designed by the owner himself . He is very enthusiastic about food and introduced us few of the varieties Western food here. The mouth watering menu are salad, pasta, burgers, combo meal with lamb meat, chicken chop and sausages, cakes, and of course the tempting coffee!

Metalcube prepared using the freshest & best quality of ingredients for a tasty & satisfying meal. Their chef is good at making delightful Western food , who previously works in overseas.

Passionate and helpful staff who are attentive to your request.

Their chef all are young man with energy, enthusiasm and talent. They are not here just to cook for them self, it's the joy and passion of cooking for them to cook for others.For them, cooking is not just a profession. Cooking is a lifestyle. Be sure to go to this restaurant and try their cooking skills.

I was impressed with the interior design, with wood wall design and touched up with some rustic style feel. Every nook and corner of the cafe is aesthetically designed and crafted beautifully. The seats is ample and accommodate up to 100 persons. Stylish and spacious seating to cater for large group dining capacity especially for birthday, company events, annual dinner or simple anniversary celebration. There are minimum charge of RM 45 for 25 pax each for any functions and need to pre-booked. The menu can be customized according to customer request.
You can also choose to dine in inside the semi covered container seats, a room for privacy

External courtyard space with container tables settings 

Enjoying a cup of coffee while immersing in the laid-back atmosphere. Homey feeling with the grill gate and light bulb

Charming and Comfortably casual dining place 

Some deco that looks exciting, playful and highly original designs, inspired from the owner himself.

Promotional Set Lunches that are very popular with the hungry patrons which is value for money. Price starts from RM 12.80 onwards. Indulge yourself with the varieties of cakes available here - chocolate fudge. chocolate banana, oreo macadamia, and mango yogurt cheese cake. Price range from RM 10.90 for each slice of cake.

Red huge container placed inside the cafe.

You can help yourselves with these wooden block games and a mini size snooker pool

We begin our gastronomic journey by enjoying a cup of coffee before filled up our tummy with the awaiting delectable meal.

Long Black RM 8.00
Cafe Latte RM 8.00. The coffee beans comes from a good supplier that guarantees the quality of the coffee brewed. The Arabica beans are from America and Indonesia mixture. Aromatic and fragrant coffee that was pretty smooth. They have added in caramel and hazelnut to give a smooth texture and more fragrant taste.
Latte & Mocha RM 8
Orange Juice RM 7 and Grape Juice RM 11
Super Fruit and Chamomile Flowers tea RM 7
 For starter, we started with the soups of the day RM 9.90. The potato soup is Comforting and creamy consistency you won't be able to resist.

Creamy chunky Mushroom Soup RM 11.90The amount of ingredients on this plate is spectacular. Every single bite comes loaded with mushroom and creamy soup texture
Top selling Smoked Duck Salad RM 13.90 - Mixed salad drizzled with homemade fruity dressing and smoked duck. Lettuce salad with assorted vegetables serves as the great appetizer choices with slices of flavourful duck meat.  I wish I could have more dressing for the salad

Homemade Chicken Burger RM 16.90 - You must try this! Metalcube own version of homemade burgers. The chicken burger is sandwich between two buttery bread and homemade chicken patty which topped with a slice of cheese and vegetables. The chicken patties turns out to be the real success - Extremely juicy, full of flavour and moist!  The buns are fluffy inside perfect blends with the tender meat. Also the generous amount of the crispy fries makes me feel so enjoyable. The taste is further enhanced with additions of the house made sauce. Highly recommended for burger lovers. 
MetalCube House Special Combo RM 48.90 (ideal for 2 person sharing portion) - A platter of Chicken chop, Lamb Loin and Mixed Sausages. The chicken meat was delicate and grilled to perfection. Best to have it with the in house sauce that was added with red wine to make the sauce. The chicken lamb was noteworthy as well, solid, not overcooked and tender. It was not too soft and was grilled at the right heat.
 The sausages are smoked flavour, juicy and tempting. 
 The french fries are served hot and crispy, so yummy!
Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Dressing and served with mashed potatoes- RM 28.90.  Norwegian Salmon that are cooked to perfection and have a nice layer of fat. Large and thick piece of the fresh salmon and Each bite was juicy and moist. 

Spaghetti Carbonara with Ham RM 18.90 is worth mentioning. The signature classic spaghetti carbonara is delicious and the cheese are well coat at each strand of the pasta. Served with succulent bacon and they have put in the right balance on the cheese as well.

We try the stronger version of spaghetti with some spicy kick - Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Mushroom RM 18.90. A simple pasta with charitable amount of mushroom, a comfort and hearty meal. 
Sausages Platter with crispy wedges RM 13.90 - Three choices of different flavour of the sausage that is well flavoured and juicy.

Besides that, you will spoil with choices of 

 Grilled Lamb Loin, from New Zealand RM 34.90

Crumbled crispy chicken breast BBQ RM 21.90

1008 House Special Combo RM 39.90

Grilled sirloin steak Australia RM 39.90
The fresh fruits is wonderfully presented with combination of longans, strawberries, and watermelon.

Metalcube have the casual dining environment for family and friends to gather around to pamper them with comfy and palatable food. In my opinion, this cafe does served good quality, fresh ingredients in their dishes and the pricing is pretty decent.

We enjoy the scrumptious meal and you can check out the updates in their FB page for upcoming new menus and events.

* There will be surprise coming up on this coming Father's Day. Most exciting moment, perhaps the same guest "Transformers" which they had it for the previous Mother's Day event last month.

(Photo credit to MetalCube FB)

Metalcube 1008 Cafe & Bistro

25, Jalan 3/62A, 

Bandar Menjarala, Kepong

Business Hour : 12 noon to 12 pm (Tuesday - Sunday), Closed on Monday

Tel : 03-6262 1192

Facebook :