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Good News for Parents!

Looking forward to have a bonding time together reading with your kids but in a fun and creative way? The story of Magic Book has it all and you will never find this elsewhere!

Magic book promotes parent-child communication and benefited fortnightly reading it!  "Story magic box" is designed with vivid and interesting children's drawings simple story, which is hand drawn from themselves. The pictures drawn are from the real side of the child and their own imagination. 

Picture book features stories about solving problems with the game, so that parents and children can get together to complete the manual game. Both parents and kids can sit together holding the book to admire the Colourful Painting and listening to the stories line. The objective is to make this the reading habits for the kids and spending time with them telling them the stories and make them fall in love with picture books. The kids also can learn reading skills,communication skills,  and more concentration to understand the morale from the story line.

2014 Story magic box (biweekly) published from January to October, a total of 20. 
Each issue RM4.30, annual subscription: RM86.00, Postage fee (West Malaysia: RM 10; East Malaysia: RM12)  

Since 2014 Tales story magic box has been completed, so the sale is now divided into quarters, there can be ordered! 

"The story of magic box" the mission: 
- promote reading culture 
- encouraging parents to tell a story for children
- reducing rely on technology and electronic products 
- with a story to accompany their children spend a happy and meaningful childhood
- let the children happily listen The story, says the story. 
- Actively develop children's picture books to life. 
- Appreciation through picture books
- parent-child activities, to create a happy society and having a healthy hobby together. 
- through stories, cultivate children's good character. 
- Promote children's original art 

 "Story magic box" in the first quarter

Story Magic Box" in the first quarter -6 book picture books, six paper craft, 17 games, 12 morality (Special: RM 36.00)

 "Story magic box" in the second quarter

 "Story Magic Box" in the second quarter -6 book picture books, six paper craft, 18 games, 10 morality (Special: RM 36.00)
"Story magic box" in the third quarter

Story Magic Box in the third quarter -8 books pictures book, 12 story, eight
paper craft, 27 games, 12 morality (Special: RM 48.00)

Pop up craft

2015 Story magic box (biweekly) from January to October published a total of 20. 
Each issue RM4.30, annual subscription: RM86.00, Postage Fee (West Malaysia: RM 10; East Malaysia: RM12)  

In addition to helping children complete homework this holiday season, you may also wish to consider subscribing to the story of the magic box 2015 now! Magic Box 2015 story published in the current six months, 12 books please look forward to the second half of 2015 story magic box editor's words: Some people say that the story is a magic wand to education, while listening to the story is child's favorite way of learning. Children do not like to hear parents say for truths, but they can know the truth story placed. Through stories we can teach the whole personality of the child; the child has a good personality, have a better future. Only a word and readers of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt's My Story Box of mutual encouragement: <we may not be able to arrange our child's future, but at  make him/her ready for the future>

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School fair
They have involved in few school fair to allow the public to benefit from a better understanding of the story and the magic box. This is also make a closer connection to the students to let them know about this exposure of craft book with so many fun activities inside.

Painting Production Process
The story of the magic box are all paintings by My Art Studio team who guide children aged 3-13 personally on hand-painting, and the main objective and mission to work together to complete each of the tale magic box. 
. These are really the impressive artwork from the young kids.

Own drawings from the kids with their original creativity and imagination

2015 tale magic box is currently published six sets, the story of the second half of 2015, so stay tuned magic box. There will be new exploration of books in science and academic side. So stay tune to their FB and website updates

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