Chew Heong Fish Pot @ Kepong

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Chew Heong Fish Pot is located at Kepong (just right after the Hong Leong bank building), facing the roadside, corner end that you will easily spot this location. Parking is definitely not an issue here and this place are fully occupied during weekends. Chew Heong Fish pot serves steamboat pot that are unusual and rarely found in other places. This authentic Teo Chew Fish pot has its own uniqueness and the recipe if from their own Pangkor Island hometown taste. 

Chew Heong Restaurant use grouper head, fish bone soup , taro , cabbage , dry flat fish , seaweed, tomatoes , tofu, green onions , and ginger   to make this excellent broth.

You can shop with a basket and put in which steamboat ingredients as you prefer. The price indication is there according to the price list above. It seems to be fun. You take the noodle and fishball, pay at the counter, and they will serve you on the dining table with the steamboat broth. 

Varieties of steamboat choices - fishball, crabmeats, mussels, scallops, meatballs, taufu, noodles,mushroom, vegetables and etc

Sauces to choose

Sets of steamboat ingredients that are pre packed

Air conditioning interior with ample of spaces. 

 Daily supply of seafood from Sekinchan and other places to ensure freshness and quality of the seafood.

Upper floor that offers plenty of seats at a comfortable zone. Private room is available for bookings as well. One room are included karaoke set too

The famous fish pot steamboat. Few selection of fish - Grouper

Three soups for steamboat - fish head soup, tom yam soup and white curry soup

Homemade vegetables fish ball. All are prepared as per request.Colourful fishball that are made from natural sources of vegetables such as carrots, corn, seaweed, purple cabbage, broccoli, sengkuang and etc.

Fresh watermelon juice

Cuttle fish 

Crabs + Kampung Chicken+ Mushroom seafood pot. This was the best broth I have ever tasted. 

The broth is kept simmering hot while we dip in the vegetables fishball into the pot, Whole kampung chicken inside and the crab is fresh. This wonderful broth does gives comfort to the tummy particularly on a rainy day.

Lime Steamed squid.  Beautiful plate of steamed squid infused with lime and chili spices makes this dish so appetizing. This is more likely the taste of sourish Thai style which I love it to pair it with a bowl of rice.

Lala soup with lots of spices. If you love sourish and spicy taste, you need to try this lala soup. The lala is perfectly cooked and the soups is flavourful. Aromatic and appetizing.

Mango Ma Yau fish .The fish was fresh and served with lots of mango slices, onions and chilies. Sweet and sourish taste. The fish are incredibly delicious with crispy texture on the outside and the flesh is soft and moist inside. Highly recommended!

The highlights of the day - " Yu Tau Lou" - Fish head steamboat.Use only fresh fish head cooked with yam, cabbages, taufu, and other condiments. You may enjoy this with added other steamboat ingredients or a bowl of rice. Flavourful blend of taste that leaves a memorable note.

Some live seafood are also available here - Crabs,Giant Grouper, Mantis Shrimp, Red Snapper Fish, Tiger Shrimp, Tiger Grouper and Shell. You can come to see if there is any good deal to purchase the seafood at a very cheap price. 

Seafood Lego

This are the newly creation  - Seafood Lego. In total, there are 3 layer. The signature fish soups are placed at the bottom and on the upper layer filled up with fresh seafoods - scallops, prawns, crab,lala, and etc. When those item are cooked together, the final taste of the fish soup will be extremely sweet with all those seafoods layered on top.

We enjoy the food here as well as the friendly service provide here. The a la carte selection of ingredients is pretty extensive and the price is worth the quality of food that you are getting.

Chew Heong Fish Pot

No 60, Jalan Ambong 1, Kepong Baru, 
Kepong, 52100

Phone: +603-6241 1206 @ +60166279323