Piggy Tail Restaurant @ Bangsar Jalan Telawi

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We are invited for a food review session organized by Open Rice heading to Piggy Tail Restaurant @ Bangsar Jalan Telawi. We just park our car conveniently inside Bangsar Village and walk across to this restaurant. We are greeted with welcome by the owner Mr. Joseph. Piggy Tail - serving all kinds of food with PORK of course. From Appetizer, snacks, to main course of Pasta, Porky Platter, Sausage Platter, the signature Pork Knuckle, Pork chop and etc.

Nice place to chill out

Piggy Tail Restaurant  served the pork that is from Sakura Pork where the pigs are raised using traditional and conventional method which are fed with vegetable grain feed only. Sakura Pork Farms take great pride in how they raise their pigs - They do things the traditional way! Absolutely NO use of Common Feed Additive Ractopamin and Minimal use of Antibiotics.

 Here are using only quality premium Sakura pork meats.

Pork Corn- RM16

Deep-fried chunks of Sakura Pork peppered with secret spices and served with Special BBQ Mayo. This will be my top favourite among all. Juicy meat and every bite is pleasurable.

Wild Mushroom Soup- RM18

Signature Soup with Wild Mushroom and Cream. Thick concentrated mushroom soup that serves a great appetizer.

Premium Pork Aglio Olio- RM25

Grilled Sakura Pork Neck Meat Spaghetti with Red Chilli Flakes, Garlic, Olive Oil and Sliced Bacon. The pork neck is the best part with tender meat and the combination was pretty good.
Snowy Piggy Carbonara- RM22

Creamy Bacon Spaghetti topped with an Egg Yolk. Smooth texture of the pasta that are coated well with the carbonara sauce.
Piggy Pork Shoulder Steak- RM45

Here comes the porky meat main course. We started with a very Limited Premium Pork Shoulder Meat, Barbecued with unique Piggy BBQ Sauce. Extremely Juicy and Tender meat, served with Mash and Salad.

Cheers - Porklicious meal with red wine

BBQ Long Pork Ribs- RM55

Delectable Premium Long Rib with Layers of Thick Meat balanced with some fat. Barbecued with their own unique Piggy BBQ Sauce. Meaty, Tender and Juicy ribs served on a bed of Mash and Salad.
Spicy Short Pork Ribs -RM58 

For spicy lovers, you may opt for A Rack of Premium, Lean Short Ribs Barbecued with unique Piggy Spicy Sauce. Succulent lean and Juicy ribs served on a bed of Mash and Salad. The spiciness comes slowly in the end and the taste is like the sourish and spicy chili. Delicious!

Signature Lamb Chops - RM45
Grilled Marinated NZ Lamb Chop with Homemade Mongolian Sauce. Served with Chips and Vege of the Day.
Mixed Pork Franks - RM30

3 uniquely spiced Premium Pork Franks served with Mash and Salad.
Piggy Pork Burger - RM28

I will highly recommended for this Home Made Pork Burger Patty layered with Melted Cheese,Vege and Onion Rings between Toasted Buns and served with Curly Fries and Salad. We have to press down the bread to the bottom and eat together with all the condiments. Crispy bread, juicy pork burger patty along with the flavourful bacon and cheese.

Signature Pork Knuckles - RM86

The Perfect Mix of Crunchy Crackling Skin and Tender Meat. Served with Supreme Gravy Sauce, Mash and Salad.

After a satisfying porky dinner, sit back and chill out at the cocktail bar or enjoy their on going special Happy Hour beer promotions. 

Truffles Ice Cream - RM18

Home-made truffle ice cream drizzled with crispy bacon bits and drowned in chocolate sauce. Sweet and salty taste but not to my liking. 

I was extremely happy to meet all my foodies friends here again and enjoy the sumptuous porky meal together. Thanks Alicia for the invitation and hope to see you all again in our next makan makan session.

Oink Oink!!

Piggy Tail Restaurant
No. 39, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 010-2321600
Operating Hours: 11am-1am daily.