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Everyone is talking about Zumba and getting more exercise to stay healthy. If you are looking into loosing weight by just doing exercise, it is not sufficient enough. We have to balance up with our daily meal intake and get the nutrition from the food in order to look good. Therefore, salad can be your best friend and you can start to include it in your lunch or dinner food menu for a healthier lifestyle. Since lunchbox delivery are so common and popular now, we can easily just go to the online website and start to click our order and the food will be deliver directly to your doorsteps.

Recently, I just get to know from the Instagram pictures shown this lovely salad pictures that caught my attention and I browse through the Facebook and website page to find out Chopstick Diner Lunchbox is so attractive and the review of the food is very positive. It was run by Elaine Ho who is a Food Technologies by profession and she has written lots of recipe sharing her culinary experience in the website and now she turns it into her own business by making homemade salad with her own creativity and original recipe to deliver to customers. Lunchbox are very convenient. The delivery boys will reach your place to delivery the lunchbox at your preferred time and they will ensure the quality of the salad are always fresh.

The salad choices in the website are Sushi with Quinoa and Teriyaki Chicken, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin salad with Tahini dressing, Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, Half Half with few choices of combination and other juice offerings. All the salad set are priced at RM 15.

You can choose to ordered at least a day in advance and all prepared fresh from the kitchen.
I was impressed by the creative lunch box that are beautifully wrapped with a bright blue ribbon and it was so neat. The pair of chopstick is hidden at the center and the whole food presentation already looks so amazingly good!

The instruction on the box it to remind us to put the lunchbox refrigerated all the time or best to consume it immediately 

Roasted egg plant and pumpkin with Tahini Dressing. Full of fibre-rich salad combination with pumpkin, eggplant, crunchy lettuces, small pieces of red pomegranate jewels and topped with their special Tahini sauce. I get endless flavor combos from these fresh vegetable salads and along with the creamy and rich taste from the salad dressing. Colourful mixture of healthy salad that gives you all the nutrition in one meal.
Half Half set- Awesome combination of marinated grilled chicken caesar salad + Vietnamese Spring roll salad. Healthy salad from different kind. Mixture with the sauce along with the crispy bread on top of the caesar salad really makes this salad taste so good. It was extremely fresh and served with tender chicken meat that provides sufficient proteins and carbs. Toothsome salad lunchbox that keeps me full and satisfied!

Perfect choice to a healthy lifestyle
The spring roll are loaded with slices of vegetables that are finely chopped and each bite is superb crunch and fresh ingredients inside.

Chopstick Diner Lunchbox provide FREE Delivery for orders above RM50 and is within their usual delivery area. They will delivery from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and also take bookings in advance for any corporate catering or events.

Full, wholesome and healthy choice for my lunch. Can't wait to make my next order together with my colleagues. 

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wow~~ I feel like want to eat them too! really so convenient for those who crave for salad ler.

Elee Yi
August 25, 2015 at 5:31 AM delete

hahaa ya..those lunchbox are really nice..and full of love. homemade salad is the best

August 26, 2015 at 9:50 AM delete

these are somehow great for a healthy dinner..