Clear Bare It All - Party Dress In Black @ Soju Sunway

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I received a call from Unilever saying that I have won tickets to the CLEAR Party. I can't remember which contest is that. From Her World? Woman's Weekly? Or from Facebook page? When I received this black kit, I recall..Oh ya..I pledge for confidence at the Clear Facebook page the other day and I have been selected to join this party!

Two new products from Clear:

Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo nourishes  scalp for continuous protection. Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, keeping you zero dandruff*shes scalp for continuous protection. Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, keeping you zero dandruff*.

Complete Soft Care is formulated with a blend of 10 nutrients that nourishes your scalp for continuous protection and beautiful hair.

Wow..this is so cool..

Here we are at Soju Sunway to the Bare it All  Confidently with CLEAR. All dress in black, enjoying our free flow of beers and some light snacks. We reached at 9.20pm, mostly all the seats are occupied. We walk down to the front and found a standing place area and after 10 minutes, the event started. Luckily we did not reach exactly at 8.30pm for the registration, then I have to stand longer.

We got this blue light bangles that changes pattern once I click on the button.

DJ of the nite playing nice song
The show begins with the opening speech. We were ask to look to the left and right..hey did you spot any dandruff at your shoulder...? That's the purpose of the dress code today

CLEAR refreshed the packaging for CLEAR Women and CLEAR Men, currently the No.1 Men’s Hair Shampoo in the world. CLEARMalaysia to convey this powerful and inspiring message of confidence are multi-award winning actor Shaheizy Sam, and the beautiful, multi-talented Juliana Evans.CLEAR is that it nourishes your scalp with all the required nutrients, giving you a healthier scalp, and eventually more beautiful hair.  The mission to restore confidence and boldly advocate that people should have nothing to hide when it comes to their hair.

Pledge for confidence selected participation to walk on stage

We are entertained by this lively performance. PARTY STARTED FINALLY!

Enjoy the party with hubby, and exploring this new place for us. The lucky draw is a surprised to all. CLEAR giving out HTC Phone to 3 lucky winners from the 100 invites and 2 lucky winner from the media side. We were holding the no 0036. At first they giving out the last no and it does hit no 6! We both are extremely excited shouting for no 3..but it goes to this lucky man with no 8..The phone is worth more than RM 1K!!..So generous lucky draw gift from CLEAR.

Awesome goodies bag.We both have each goodies bag packed with a soft towel and two CLEAR SHAMPOO!

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