Early Childhood Education Expo 2015 @ Setia City Convention Center

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When my sister ask me to join her for this Early Childhood Education Expo, I still planning for my weekend where should I go. I decided to follow her and only bring my eldest girl and we travel all the way from Setapak by taking Star LRT to Sri Petaling and met my sister there and start our journey to Setia City. I really don't know how far it is and I rely much on my sister and she have waze to help her to go there. It was indeed far far away and took us almost 1 hour to reach. No clear signage and when we reaching Shah Alam area, there is no network as well. Sis said her petrol is running down and that really makes me in a nervous situation. I also try to use my data to online and get the nearest petrol station and how to get to Setia City. It was adventurous when travelling with her and I know she always out of petrol...arghhh...lucky we are safe now found the only one Petronas nearby Setia City. Oh my god.this place is totally strange to me with empty land and the only highlight is the Setia City Convention Center and the Setia City Mall

(Photos credit to Early Childhood Education Expo FB)
Because We want to explore new places and get this freebis, that's why we are here. Kinda Crazy traveling so far. If for hubby, i think he rather sleep at home..haha..

Here we get Balloons, sand art, art n craft, dental check up, Kidzania's role play, animal ride, story telling, free passes , holiday vouchers, mascot appearance, photobooth, goodie bag, lucky draws, And parents can meet 1 to 1 school operators, kindergartens and enrichment classes educators and courses provider to enrich your knowledge..It is all happening brought to you by ECEE this 15th & 16th Aug 2015. Only two days expo and this mostly cater for those in this area.

We park the car at RM 5 per entry (velvet parking) and register ourselves. Here is not crowded as in Mid Valley Expo, so we take our time to see the booth offerings. The holiday voucher is nothing to shout about and I already knew it. It is just a gimmick to asking you to buy now and enjoy the buy one free one discount voucher for two pax. Only covered ground tour to China. We took our goodie bag and I am expecting more goodies inside. But to my disappointment nothing much inside but only leaflet and two small paper to ask you to go to the selected booth to take the gift. Nothing interesting! and We like the FB page and shared out we get the dinosaur tube to put money for the kids. Oh ya and where is the promised MPH goodies bag? The girl at the staff is blur and did not know about it and ask me to go inside to the booth to take. The front desk people at this counter is hopeless and when i ask question they can't even answer.
So we went inside and searching for that MPH booth and the rude lady telling us no goodies bag here. All are placed outside. Oh ok..then we go to the registration counter AGAIN! and ask AGAIN! and now the girl know what I am trying to say. She went inside their store room behind and took the stack of mph goodies bag come out. At 10.30 am only they start distributing it after I ask them. VERY blur!! Are they being trained properly and how they managed this kind of expo?

She is excited because playing with my sis son and they are bugging me with activities and want to take part on this and that. But mummy is greedy and want to take all the goodies bag first. Be patience girl.
Now they asking us to take selfie photo and upload into the FB page when my battery is low. Can I just go back and tag on your FB page when i reached home and you give me the gift first?? Aiii
The first stop is to make art and craft - free for first 100 peoples. My girl choose to paint the house with her favourite colours. She had a great time here

The critical part is to wait turns to blow dry your paint. They only supply one. How to wait so long??

Next we went to the Sand Art section and my girl choose her lovely frozen. She do all by her own and I am impressed too

The expo is very small and not crowded (good for us) and we have a short tour inside. There are section for the kids at Kidzania for playrole and we have a quick lunch there which is quite delicious with chicken rice+ egg (RM 10per pack). 
Coincidence they gave me BabyTalk Magazine in one of th goodies bag inside when I took it from the booth and found my two cheeky girls is featured in the June Baby Talk Magazine for the previous Mother's Day event @ Publika.

If I never step into this expo, I never knew they are in the Magazine and I will have missed out to buy this magazine. It was a happy day for me and the kids are having fun each other. Everything happen for a reason. I am proud to bring my girl alone with me taking public transport and walking for the whole day continuing our weekend to shop at IOI Mall Puchong. 

Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Early-ChildHood-Education-Expo-2015/1410308589273842?fref=ts