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1 Utama e-community is organizing a Food Hunt?? I browse through the website twice and read all the details and it does make me jump to excitement when they are looking for food bloggers to join them for the makan makan session happening on  21 August 11am @ Food Street,1 Utama's  starting from 11am to 4 pm . Flashback to my sweet memories two years back when I join the Butterfly Project for Wonder Food Adventure exploring over 15 restaurant at the Food Street at 1 Utama and it was the most unforgettable moments. 

I quickly submit my details and they have confirmed my participation.
When I told hubby about it,he was happy and agree to join together for this fun event! 

We took a day off from work and get ready with our camera and power bank ( ermm.. ya we do bring some small bag and food box) in case we can't finish those food. From our past experience, yes we actually bring back lots of food and we met many kind owner to help us to pack nicely and we bring back to our family members to enjoy the food together too. I have been sharing around with my blogger friends who wish to join this event but i think most of them could not make it probably it is on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday.

We reached early at 10.45am for the registration atMcDoanlds on Lower Ground Floor Promenade, Food Street. Every blogger will get a #MakanMakan Food Hunt passport. We need to visit ALL TEN of the participating F&B outlets within the 5 hours duration (Little Fat Duck, Moo Cow, Betjeman & Barton, Quiznos, Nana’s Green Tea, CoCo Curry House Ichibanya, O Banh Mi, MyeongDong, Library Coffee Bar and Bisou) . All  Bloggers will be divided into teams of five for this food hunt and The objective of this food hunt is to introduce the good eats at 1 Utama to our readers. Along the way, we need to quickly snap photo and hashtag into social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

We have to act fast. We have to look for the selected F & B which could be at LG Floor, Ground Floor, and First Floor. Then we need to start ordering, wait for the food and start taking photos and upload it immediately to those social website. We have to finished the meal before we can jump to another station. 

From the passport given, we can decide whether to eat or just to get our passport stamp at the selected restaurant. Of course I need to complete this mission and go to each restaurant. Now i am discussing with hubby,only 10 restaurant..very easy we surely can cover it all by 3.30pm!. With a confident face, my hubby smiling looking at me..

Here we go!!! I am so ready and excited!
Coincidence bump into Pancake and Jeff, we have our own team and waiting for sis and met new mummy blogger.

Our team name is : EAT "SONG" ME!!..Haha..Let's go and eat now

All packed up and took our group photo first. CHEESE!!!
(Picture credit to 1 Utama FB Page)

We walk to the nearest kiosk and start our first meal at Little Fat Duck

1. Little Fat Duck (Old Wing LGK 103)
Little Fat Duck is located at a kiosk along the food street level serving French & Italian Cuisine. They have a simple menu that covers mostly all pasta, chicken and fish meat menu that are prepared fresh upon ordering. Fresh vegetables, meat and Australian cream is delivered to the kiosk twice a week and they make their own sauces. It is actually begins as a food truck business and now they have expand their kiosk to Tropicana City Mall.
Our group getting to know each other while waiting for the food to be served. Now we are taking our own sweet time enjoying the food and starting to tease and joke first since it is still 11.30am.
Affordable menu with price starts from only RM 6. Grilled fish and chicken mushroom Mornay are my favourites. The grilled fish is grilled to perfection and layered with a delicious dill sauce. The combination of mushroom and chicken pasta is also a perfect match with generous portion on the cheese. We ordered all 6 menus and sharing with each other. 
We are given ice lemon tea and the manager offered us two small cup of mashed potatoes and cream of mushroom too.

Early crowds

Convenient packaging that you can opt to take away but need to consume within 3 hours of purchase.

2) Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt (LGK111 )
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt is well known for their healthy serving of fresh frozen yogurt and definitely the best choice to have a cool desserts right now. Moo Cow distinct frozen yogurts are freshly churned from natural ingredients and flavours. It is not too sweet and we can choose our own toppings. Each up of frozen yogurt is measured precisely and packed with all the important nutrition that you need.  
Which topping to choose eh? Spoilt by choices

The more cups of Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt you purchase the more attractive gift rewards awaits you.

The digestive biscuit does blends well with the frozen yogurt
Now we can have more frozen yogurt without any guilt for those full supplements of vitamin and minerals.

The kids favorites 

I choose two toppings - Strawberry jam and coffee chips. We are also given each a bottle of yogurt milk drink

Next we move on to:
3) Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (LG333A- New Wing)
This is the place where Lammeeya used to be. Coco Ichibanya is Japanese fusion restaurant that specialized in curry menu. They do served really good curry and varieties of menu. The restaurant looks inviting with bright place for dine in along with white interior that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Service was fast and friendly. The price is quite reasonable for that portion of food being served as I peep to other customers tables. 
We are having the fix semi buffet for all 7 of us. Now we are getting worried if they will served the big portion of food.

Start with a comfort drinks
Fresh smoked salmon salad
Delightful chicken and pork cutlet with curry sauce. We want to order a bowl of rice and still thinking how many bowls shall we order.  While counting, The staff telling us a bowl of rice equals to 150grams. We are all surprised by his answer and laugh our lungs out! Really well trained staff.
Crispy and juicy chicken meat
You must try this - pork cutlet. Extremely crispy and fried to perfection!

Another highlights of the day - Squid Mayo. I enjoy the squid chewy texture with the Mayo sauce.
Wonderfully platted chicken salad

There are few levels of spiciness level that you can challenge. From Level 1 ( medium hot to Level 5- crazy hot). We try this Level 4 curry sauce first. Just a spoonful I already felt the heat of spiciness..
Beef Yakiniku
Finally our two scoops of ice cream to end our meal. A little full now. 
We went to O Banh Mi but we were turned down by the staff here who did not expect us to come and they do not know anything about Food Hunt event.

We are still waiting here and wasted almost 10 minutes sitting there for nothing!. The staff said they need to call their boss first to check. I was very disappointed with this kind of arrangement. How come they did not inform the staff or even the boss did not know about this event? And another thing is the attitude of the staff is really need to be mentioned here. They are not friendly at all and looking at us like kind a stranger who is coming for a free food ???

Without delaying anymore, we quickly move to : 
4) Myeongdong Topokki LG312B- New Wing)
One person ordering and the rest can take a seats first with cameras ready!
Fast food restaurant that served Topokki and Korean Street Food. We are served with their special Odeng.
Flavored can drinks 
Tune vege kimbab sushi roll

Myeong Dong Station Set consisting of a bowl of Topokki and a plate of Kimali. The spiciness level is still acceptable. Kimali is the above fried seaweed roll with Korean glass noodle. Something unique to try on.
 Some of the crispy fried items that deep fried with less oil and easy light snack to go with
Fried tempura egg

Tempura Squid

I love this fried Karaage - Marinated and tender chicken meat that is ideal choice for a quick snack
Now we are back to O banh Mi
5) O Banh Mi (LG328 -New Wing)
O banh Mi have The freshest Vietnamese sandwiches in town. I was quite impressed by the choices of sandwiches here. Banh Mi in Vietnamese means all kinds of bread. This is quite new and I never try it before. The sandwich is served with marinated meat such as pork, chicken or beef.  The price is from RM 10 onwards.

We can choose one of their sandwich menu and entitle for a glass of lime drinks.

While on the track, we bump into few other bloggers and we are sharing our experience dining in those restaurant and everyone is looking at the time now. Rushing to another station very soon because it is already 2pm! We still have 5 more restaurant to cover.. We are kinda slow?? hmm...

Grilled chicken teriyaki Banh Mi
Pork and Prawn Roll 
Roasted Pork Banh Mi - Baguette served with freshly roasted pork, homemade vegetables, egg, pickle carrots and radish. Topped with secret sauce and chili sauce.
Honestly, the serving of the bread is almost looks same for all. Just the fillings is different and perhaps it is a wonderful snack or be your diet meal for the day

6) Nana's Green Tea (LG355 )
Finally I have the chance to try out Nana's Green Tea restaurant. I have heard alot about it and now each of us are served with a tall glass of Matcha Parfait. There are also few other mouth watering menu that used imported quality of good Matcha from Japan. Cozy dining environment with nice service.

 We almost ordered all the choices  - Matcha “Nama Chocolate” Parfait, Matcha “Gateaux Chocolat” Parfait, Hoji "Gateaux Chocolat" Parfait, Matcha Shiratama Parfait, and Hoji “Warabimochi” Parfait.
Lovely Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

How am I going to finish this huh? Time is runnning out. I got to share it with my blogger friends first .And we are scooping it all the way down. Jellys, matcha cubes, red beans and the cornflakes - such a perfect combination. While we are enjoying our desserts, sis quickly move to another station to Bisou Bake Shop to take our cup cakes. She grab all 5 passports and search for this bake shop.
7) Bisou Bake Shop (FK6 - Old Wing First Floor)

Array of colourful cup cakes freshly make daily. Pretty cup cakes and have so many flavours to choose from. Best for birthday party and events
Lovely choices of cup cakes

Each of us have the Rainbow Red Velvet - The August special cake. It was nicely pack in a small box for us to bring home and my girl finished it all on her own. I try it too and it was fluffy and soft texture, Tender and moist Rainbow layer cake with minimal taste of sweetness.

8The Library Coffee & Bar ( FK3 / First Floor - Old Wing)
The Library Coffee Bar is located at Old Wing first floor. When we reached there, the place is crowded and we have to wait for our order to be served. We actually spending a longer time here to snap photos and waiting the food served on the table. Not able to sit down and enjoy the latte and coffee, we move to another station because we still have 2 more restaurant to covered up. After taking some snap shot, me and hubby went to Quiznos and start to order our food first.
Pastas, desserts, cakes, pizza, waffle, coffee, tea, sandwich- they have almost everything and you can spend your tea time here having all the delicacies 

I need to come back here to really enjoy the food with my kids next round.

8) Quiznos SUb (G202)
At a glance it does look like Subway.This is the restaurant that serves fresh sandwich, wraps, pizza and finger food.You need to order at the counter once you steps in. There are 3 choices of bread - white, wheat and rosemary parmesan and how many inch you preferred choices of 6, 9, or 12-inch subs. 

Sharing portion for all of us. We need to wait or at least 15 minutes to get the food served on the table. The food are served fresh from the kitchen immediately after you placed your order. So we need to be patience.

We were served the Chicken Ranch & Swiss and Honey Mustard Sub. It was delicious with light and crispy bread. Flavourful and simple snack

The staff is very dedicated in making each of the sandwich and pizza. While waiting for the pizza, we divide half of the team to go and start taking stamps at Betjeman and ordered our food there. The time is almost 4pm and we are still here..hmm..
 10) Betjeman & Barton (G220 / Ground Floor - Old Wing)
I did not notice this place and I walk to the center court to ask the girl at the information counter. She ask me to walk straight to the direction to One World Hotel..Now I am abit lost and i walk back to the front and saw this grand place. 

Betjeman & Barton looks expensive and high class. Impressive and i love seeing all the deco inside. Admiring those beautiful interior with white lamps, tea sets and yes I need to sit down to calm down myself.  We are rushing here and there. This is the final stops and i want to enjoy a cup of tea with those delectable desserts. I found my favourite chocolates!!!

Macaroons, cakes, tiramisu and lots of chocolates choices for me
We ordered all 4 choices of refreshing tea.- Black tea, green tea and red tea.Each tea has their unique taste and preparation time is different. I prefer the red tea  with a hint of sweetness taste from the cranberry, apple acerola and lemon grass.

Place to laid back and have a great time with your friends 

Awesome desserts to end our food hunt session. This is the best final stops for us to enjoy the max. 

Good job guys!!! You all are the best. The excitement that matters after all! Finally we managed to complete 10 Restaurant and collected all 10 Stamped!!! What a fun day to be with these crazy foodies!!!!

Finally, we can enjoy a cup of tea and took our final happy group picture smiling all the way throughout this gastronomic food journey.

Another family photo after finish collecting all 10 stamps and lots of goodies
Feeling grateful for this "delicious" goody bag filled with F&B vouchers, gifts and a FREE 5 years ONECARD membership from 1 Utama. 

Applause to all our members of Eat “Song” Me for completing this food marathon. It was the fantastic time catching up with the rest of team members and we had our fun food hunt together with laughter and joy.

Special thanks to 1 Utama for organizing such wonderful event for us blogger to explore. I express my gratitude to all the restaurant owner and staff for providing delicious food to us to try and assist us with great service! Hope we can join again next round of food hunt which I am always looking forward to.

Participating Outlets:

1) #LittleFatDuckMalaysia
2) #MooCowFrozenYogurt
3) #CocoCurryHouseichibanya
4) #MyeongDongTotopokki
5) #Obanhmi
6) #NanaGreenTeaMY
7) #BisouBakeShop
8) #TheLibraryCoffeeBar
9) #QuiznosMalaysia
10) #BetjemanBarton


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