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Kids Public Speaking Expo 2015 event was held on the 22 Aug 2015 (Saturday ). 
This event organized by Johan Speaking Academy gives an opportunity for kids to practice their speaking skills. Kids ranging from six (6) to twelve (12) years old will become the speakers, emcee and also brand ambassadors. 

The expo will also feature 10 exhibitors who will be exhibiting kids’ products.

Johan Speaking Academy has been training kids to undergo public skills for the past 1 year and is located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. This expo is a platform for 50 kids to practice out what they had learn.

This is a REAL training ground for the kids to face a LIVE audience. They grooming the kids to be future leaders. As the saying goes, Great Leaders are Great Communicators and these kids are starting their baby steps. 

This will help your child to be :-

Builds self confidence, Builds self esteem , Improves verbal communication skills, Increases vocabulary, Improves information processing,Helps children organize their thoughts, Improves word retrieval,Promotes interpersonal skills, Increases comprehension,Gives child a sense of empowerment,Sentence Formation & Diction/Pronunciation/Articulation.

Public Speaking helps them build confidence and be a better communicator. Speaking is a very important skill to have besides academic qualification. Start them young and start them now.

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