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I would like to share this post to my faithful readers and also supporting my cousin's website here which I find this is a very meaningful program and community set up to bring us back the vision and founding values in 1957 when we celebrating Merdeka Day. 
"Projek57 is non-political and non-partisan, created by Malaysians, for Malaysians. We believe every Malaysian has a share in the future of Malaysia and a part to play in shaping that future, even in the smallest of ways. We wanted the whole look and feel of Projek57 to be fresh and modern, uniquely local designs that would cut across demographic groups and be designs any Malaysian would want to wear.
By purchasing a tee shirt from Projek57, you will not only be a part of a movement to sow hope across Malaysia, but you will also directly benefit communities which are in need.
There are many brands and labels we are proud to wear. But if there’s one label we want our fellow countrymen and women to be proud of, it’s the label ‘MALAYSIAN’. Projek57 is about being true to who we are and celebrating the diversity and heritage that we have. We want to create a movement that will remind Malaysians how great things were and can be in our nation, and to put our love for Malaysia above politics or anything that divides us.
Will you join us?”
– Collin Swee and Syed Sadiq Albar 

*Both founder are grew up in a multicultural environment and both desire to see their children grow up in a similar environment.


The Classic57 is our flagship tee shirt featuring the iconic symbol of our nation’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and the year the country gained its independence. The design embodies the spirit of 1957, reflecting it in our present, and carrying it into our future.

Premium quality, 100% made in Malaysia. Price is RM 38 for each T-Shirt
(Photos credit to Project57 website) A sample of one of the online T-Shirt. The also have regular size, long sleeve and kids T-Shirt size.

Buy a tee shirt now and start empowering communities! 40% of their profits are channeled towards empowering single mothers and underprivileged youth programs. 
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Leona Lim
September 3, 2015 at 10:41 AM delete

i saw this event at the mall where the tshirts were selling, unfortunately although i support the idealogy i can't bring myself to support the logo 57, because merdeka for Malaysia was not even until 1963. Malaysia didn't exist in 1957. that is only merdeka for Malaya. hope they can get their history right to be able to engage the whole of Malaysia.

Elee Yi
September 3, 2015 at 11:00 PM delete

hi leona

thanks for ur point