Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant @ Aman Suria

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Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant is indeed a new restaurant located in Aman Suria, the one marks its first KL Branch and being the 9th outlet opened recently in May 2015. Shunka is originally introduced in Penang land and now Shunka Group has managed to expand their franchise to 8 outlets in Malaysia, namely 3 restaurant outlets in Penang (Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth and Burmah Road), 3 restaurant outlets in Perak (Parit Buntar, Kampar, Taiping), 1 restaurant outlet in Kedah which is at Aman Jaya, Sungai Petani.

Shunka Japanese Restaurant offered wide variety of Japanese food and mostly focuses on cuisine, matcha and sake. I am surprised by their extensive long list of menu which covered almost all types os Japanese cuisines. Noodles, ramen, sushi, salmon, unagi, rice, donburi,grilled items, sake, matcha and lots more.

We are greeted with welcome by The Managing Director, Mr Edisson who hosts us tonight and along with Alicia from OpenRice. We are glad to be here to this first outlet to try on their Japanese cuisines which are well known in Penang.

The decoration is simple and authentic with Japanese styled wall paper, wooden table and chairs. If you are coming in a big group you can choose to sit at the long tables. Nice and comfortable ambiance to laid back and enjoy the sumptuous Japanese menu.

Crispy sushi RM13.90
The sushi is a combination of Unagi and cucumber which is roll together. Something unique to try on if you are looking for sushi menu. I enjoy the bite sized sushi texture along with the eel sauce.
Tonkotsu shoyu ramen RM19.90. Hearty bowl of ramen with depth pork flavor.
Kimchi Steamboat RM17.90. Japanese version of kimchi which are less spicy and in fact the broth is sweet and sourish taste . It does boost up my appetite. 
Garlic fried rice RM10.50. Fragrant garlic fried rice but I find it a little salty.

Japanese dumpling RM 10.50

These Japanese dumpling (Gyoza) is carefully pan fried to brownish layer and I enjoy every bite. Juicy and delicious.
Japanese Cheese omelette RM10.50. Definitely must try this dish. The cheese was layered on top of the omelette and melted inside slowly. It was served extremely hot and fresh from the kitchen. Tasty cheesy egg flavour that makes this as the best seller and love by most of the  customers. it does need a skillful chef to do this amazing master piece and you will need to wait for 15 minutes for the food preparation.

Grilled pork belly RM 7.30. We all are addicted with the crispy pork belly that we continue to order two more plates. The pork belly is sliced in thin layer and taste so good! I would highly recommend this as your great appetizer.
Pork Bulgogi RM17.90 .Served in a hot stone bowl, the pork bulgogi is delectable with a hint of sweetness and spicy taste. 

Japanese omelette noodle RM13.90. This is pretty much interesting with noodle wrapped with omelette. Usually we have rice inside instead of noodle which we called it like Nasi Pattaya right. Here we can find something unusual with this Japanese Omelette noodle.

Squid butter grilled RM22.90. This is one of my favourite. The squid is perfectly grilled with chewy texture and topped with the mayonnaise sauce for a better taste.
Hot matcha RM7.30. You can have the taste of high-grade Matcha which is a healthy choices of drinks

Magic matcha RM16.90 .The highlights of the day.
We are delighted by the desserts servings that are full of Matcha flavour. All the matcha are fully imported and have a very good quality to makes this wonderful drinks.

The Magic Matcha is topped with Matcha ice cream and matcha ice cubes. I enjoy slowly bite and savour the matcha ice cube, a great chilled drinks to enjoy after the meal. 
Best Seller Matcha green tea in sachets for RM 38 

Ice Matcha with red bean RM16.90. 
Lovely Ice Matcha with authentic taste.

 The light sweet flavour of red beans and the delicate taste of matcha is always the best combination ever.

Meeting with new foodies and we have a great time together 

Japanese food lover? This is surely the place to explore.

Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant 

E-G-45, Jalan PJU 1/45, 
Aman Suria, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603 7886 1986                           

Business Hours: Mon – Sun (11.30 am – 11.30 pm)