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True Harmony: RM48 for a Brilliant Rose Full Body Aroma Massage & Spa (worth RM280). Valid at 7 Outlets.

After more than one year, I decided to purchase a massage deal from Groupon since it looks so attractive with the price offered given another 18% further discount for any purchase. I never try this True Harmony massage center before which is just down the road from my office in Raja Chulan area. I bought one voucher and book for appointment to come during weekdays. From the True Harmony website, it does look impressive and for the price I had paid for RM 38 only, why not I can just try a new place to massage since my body really needs to be pamper with a relaxing massage.

This package is 1-hour 50-minute package that includes

  • 60-min full body aroma massage with rose hip oil
  • 20-min rose pillow mask
  • 15-min aroma rose hip oil steam bath
  • 15-min rose hip oil foot spa
  • Rose tea serving

Once I reached there at the entrance, the staff served me with ginger tea and showed me the way to the 15-min rose hip oil foot spa. This was the normal steps in any massage center. Just put both legs in the hot water with added rose hip oil and soak for 15 minutes. This is good for blood circulation and for detoxification.

Place to put your stuff

The massage room
Next, Heading to the massage room for an hour (60 minutes) rose hip oil full body massage. The masseuse is Chinese Lady.

We have a nice conversation together but the massage skills is just average. I did not request to press harder as I understand this rose hip oil massage is explained to me that it is towards relaxation moment and not to press the pressure points that much. But to compare with the usual massage center that I went in Lot 10, the masseuse there is so much better. For example, on the tummy side, there is no satisfaction of finishing the whole tummy massage. Blame it on the one hour session probably. I enjoy the back massage more but I think the lady should at least balance up my right leg and left leg massage side.
She also given me 20-min rose pillow mask.

After the massage session ends, I am guided to this steam bath room with hot temperature and sit inside for 15 minutes. No difference just the normal steam bath room. Nothing to shout about their rose hip oil steam bath that are being advertised. As I peep outside, there is no one there and only me alone. I wrapped my self with the brown towel and given a damp blue towel to cover my face. This was the most disgusting part when I look closely at the both towel, I felt so uncomfortable. Without my spectacles, I can also clearly see the brown towel is torn badly at the bottom side and the blue small towel is like the “kain buruk” which are being used for many many times with a stain on it!!!! OMG. How they can let such towel condition to be use by customers?? This is totally unacceptable and yes disappointing !!!

The lady ask me to go inside to take a bath. I tell her the door can’t be close?? She said “It’s ok”, the door is like that, and no body is outside anyway. Har?? Is that True Harmony provide such service and with this bad facilities? I doubt anyone want to come here to enjoy the steam bath, massage, and a short bath..The conditions is terrible!. The glass door cannot be close properly and broken at the bottom left side. The shampoo and body gel is there.But I dare not touch it at all. I just want to get out from this horrible place.

It does not have the good looking ambiance that makes me felt relax inside to use their facilities compare to other massage center. It looks old, not maintained well and not hygienic.

They do served me with a ginger tea after the massage ends

When the consultant consult me after the sessions end and ask me if I am interested to sign up for their package. One word from me “NO”.

That’s about it. Feeling mentally and physically dissatisfied after the massage session.

True Harmony

Unit 1.2&1.2A, Ground floor, 
Menara Standard Chartered, No30, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel: +603-2145 6866, +6016-227 2668

Website :

Facebook: True Harmony Malaysia