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Craving for crispy and crunchy fried chicken? You can find now at Setapak PV128 at Restoran Choo Choo Chicken located at Ground Floor beside Haru Tei Japanese Restaurant (new) and also the same row as Tappers Cafe and I Know Pasta Chain restaurant. Choo Choo Chicken is opened on 30 May 2015 and celebrating their Grand Opening on 19 July 2015. Been receiving a very good response from customers especially from the students who dine in here.

Korean fried chicken are blooming and it's a trend now enjoying fried chicken wing pairing with a glass of cooling beer. Choo Choo Chicken is a franchise restaurant originally from Singapore and introduce the original Korean recipe especially on their famous fried chicken.

We are greeted with welcome by Collin, the manager here introducing us the menu and information on the fried chicken flavour. Mostly youths prefer the simple set meal that comes with their famous seaweed rice with 4 servings of fried chicken wing that are coated with 5 choices of flavour - Crispy, garlic, spicy, soy and sweet. If some does not want rice, they can replace it with the servings of wedges+fried chicken.
Interior with black theme of furniture surrounds with cemented walls and caging fence at the side seating. The long tables is ideal for a large group of people especially those come with a group gathering or birthday party celebration. Comfortable dining environment with nice service here.
Choo Choo Chicken practiced self-service :

Step 1 : Get yourself seated, 
Step 2 : Go through the mouth watering menu and write down your order in a piece of paper which are ready on your table. 
Step 3: Place your order at the counter 
Step 4: You will need to collect your ordered food from the counter once the food is ready.

Thus, there is no service charge imposed here and yet the staff will readily available to assist you. The full sets of cutlery is at the side corner. Kids also have their own plastic cup and plates.
You will notice a screen of LCD TV showing images of a chat room and wifi password provided. All customers who dine in can join the chat room with their nick name and make friends with each other. You can also leave your comments here about the food or feedback on their restaurant for their improvement.
 Choo Choo Chicken have few set of menu. They have menu for individual set or 2 person sharing set. All comes with delectable fried chicken choices of 5 flavours - Crispy, Soy, Sweet, Spicy and Garlic

Firstly, you need to choose the set and what is the flavour. And later choose your drinks.

Besides that, you can also opt for Daebak Set RM 69.90 for the whole chicken servings.
The owner creates this wonderful drinks. There are 12 choices of Ade Drinks price at
RM 6.90. They are offering 50% discount promotion on second glass from 3pm to 8 pm
This is the set for 2 pax - Choo Choo Sharing set (RM 34.90) .8 piece of fried chicken + Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger+Wedges. It was served with Korean Barley Tea or you upgrade to Korean Green Tea, Korean Can Drink or the usual can soft drinks price from RM 1.50 for the upgrade portion.
The spectacular Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger (RM 8.90) - Bountiful seaweed rice sandwiched with tuna,mayonnaise and kimchi filling. It was flavourful and delicious! I will highly recommend this.

Garlic Chicken Wings - Since I love garlic, I find that this chicken wing is appetizing and I love the aroma from the garlic. These chicken wing are crispy and I get to savour the small garlic pieces which also enhance the taste.
Spicy Chicken Wings - It was extremely addictive. The hot wings are definitely spicy, which linger in your mouth a while and the spiciness taste come slowly. Each part of the chicken are coated evenly with the spicy sauce and the crunchy batter. The chicken meat was tender and moist at the same time.  I enjoy it so much.

Refreshing drinks - Pink Grapefruit Fizz and Lychee Green Tea
Fresh fried serving of Wedges

Spicy chewy rice which is one of my favourites too.

Servings of 2 cup chicken RM 19.90. We choose the soy (left) and sweet (right) flavour. Used the Drumstick thigh portion which is more juicy and moist inside while crispy on the outside. Full of flavour and the boneless chicken meat is well coated with Korean soy sauce. I prefer the soy flavour and this surely the great snack to go with the beer.
Our menu for 4 pax.The batter still remain crispy even after few minutes of our photo snap shot session.
Korean Hite Beer
Enjoyably dinner with so many flavours of fried chicken wing .Awesome!
They also suggest us to try this freshly fried oyster mushroom. The batter was the same as the fried chicken. thus every bite was so crisp.
Seems not having enough, we ordered another crispy Wing & Drumlet . Crispy flavor is the classic fried chicken, without any sauce coating, Perfectly non greasy chicken and be cautious when it was served, it was fresh and hot!. I enjoy every bite of crispy , juicy and crunchy chicken wings. Yummy!
Kimchi soup servings of 2 pax. Spicy kimchi stew with hot tuna. Not overly spicy. Rich broth with delicious combination
We were given 4 discount vouchers to be use in our next visit.

A definite must-try place for Korean Style Fried Chicken.

Restoran Choo Choo Chicken

Platinum PV128, 

No. 128, Jalan Genting Klang, 
Setapak, 53300

Tel : 03-4131 3160

Business Hour : 11am to 10.30 pm

(No GST, No service charge)

Facebook :


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