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Beauté Library is located at Level 2, L2-09 (Same row with Parkson on the right side). This is my first time to explore MYTOWN Shopping Centre and this shopping mall is really huge! Beaute Library is from France and they emphasize on the natural ingredients in their facial products especially on the flower extract. Opens from 10am to 10 pm daily, you need not to worry so much on the parking space. The shopping mall have more than enough parking slot for you, so you can come here to enjoy the facial treatment anytime at your convenience.

Welcomed by the friendly staff, they greet me and ask me to fill up the form about my personal details, my skin care products that I have been using with the brand name and my current skin types. My beautician has more than 8 years of experience and this lady by the name 'Yoko' gives me a good consultation hours and explain to me what is my skin type and how is my face condition. She scan my forehead, chin and open pores area to identify the current skin condition that I need to know and the suitable treatment that she going to introduce me later on. 
The first photo on my forehead condition with lots of blackheads and dry skin

My skin is dry and sensitive. Need more hydration treatment to my skin and I am having pigmentation issue as well. She also advise me on my skin uneven tone. This could due to the products that i have been using that is not suitable especially on the sunblock products. During this short consultation hours, I get to know in details about my face condition and also she give me few tips on how to take care of my skin.

Time to relax and enjoy my beauty treatment. The treatment for my skin condition is Beauté Floral Essential Hydrating Enriching Facial Treatment worth RM880 (150minutes)
The flow of the whole treatment as following:
1) Double cleanse
2) Scrub
3) Steamer
4) Light Extraction with trimming on the eyebrow
5) Apply ginseng gel 
6) Using machine for hydrating effect and moisture the skin
7) Face massage ( I enjoy so much on this)
8) Shoulder massage
9) Finally, face mask.
The result is so much better. This is the forehead portion. Looks more hydrated and less blackheads

After the treatment, my chin is much more moisture and improve even with just one treatment.

I enjoy myself for the overall facial treatment here. Comfortable treatment room with proper attire given and most pleasant way of how the staff approach customer. No obligation to sign up any package. They will explain the needs of your current skin condition and offer some of their package for you to consider as to improve your skin. The whole experience was great, hygienic and proper facial treatment is given with the right steps of facial process that I used to do at other places. I love the aroma of the products especially on the ginseng gel and also the flower extract that makes me feel calm and feels so good.

I am happy with the result after this facial treatment. My face did not turn red at all even from the extraction. The beautician must be having a good skills. Because usually my face will slightly red even putting the cooling mask at other facial center. And I also realized my skin more moisture and bright glowing this round. Satisfied with their product quality and also friendly service. Keep it up!

You can find Beaute Library at these outlets.

Mid Valley : +603-22831312 / 017-9280072
Kota Damansara : +603-82111314 / 017-3610800
USJ : +603-56321312 / 017-3740800
Kepong : +603-62526312 / 012-6080072
Puchong Setia Walk : +603-58791314 / 017-9840800
Cheras Mahkota: 6012 6072426
MyTOWN Shopping Center: +603-92028018

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