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I am excited to hold a small party to celebrate April babies- myself and grandma (both of us on the nearest date) while dad and mum in law also celebrating birthday in the month of April. Canton2go is the perfect choice for ordering their food from website and they will deliver the food right to my doorsteps. I pick the Mini Buffet - Mix & Match that have up to 50 courses for selection. It is only RM 38 per pax and minimum order is 10 pax. Just Order 1 day in advance and they will FREE delivery to you. I need to choose three types of meat (chicken / pork/ fish), 2 types of seafood ( squid/ prawn), 2 types of vegetables (egg or vegetable or taufu) and 1 selection of rice or meehon.
The food is serve hot and pack in nice and neat packaging. Complete sets of cutlery (fork,spoon, paper plate and table cloth)

The sauce are separated in another small container. When you want to serve the food, just pour the sauce.
Hassle free party for us to gather around and enjoy these delicious food.
1 Set/ 10 Pax Mix & Match Buffet
- 1 x Thai Sauce Fillet
- 1 x Curry Pork With Potato ( highly recommended)
- 1 x Sweet & Sour Pork
- 1 x Butter Egg Squid
- 1 x Mayonnaise Crispy Skinless Prawn
- 1 x Egg Beancurd and Dried Beancurd
- 1 x Fried Broccoli With Mix Vege
- 1 x Fried Rice With Anchovy 
Great surprise for having the papaya and passion fruit as my desserts. Random pick of the day. So I am lucky to have passion fruit yeah!

Yummylicious food that are so convenient with just a single click. Check out their website for more choices of food.

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