A Jurassic Experience - Dinosaur Come Alive in Kuala Lumpur @ Matic Kuala Lumpur

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This is going to be great memory for my son as he love Dinosaur so much! A Jurassic Experience with Dinosaur come alive and are roaring in Kuala Lumpur!
Greeted with welcome roar from the Dinosaur at the entrance hall.

Entrance fee

The exhibit is displaying over 40 life-size animatronic dinosaurs, each made to look as life-like as possible down to their reptilian skins. This is the chance for visitors to get up close and personal with dinosaurs -- including the infamous T-Rex -- in a primordial Jurassic-themed forest!

Dinosaur art and craft section for the kids. They can do sand art with few Dinosaur design to choose. 

Papa enjoy making the Dinosaur 3D woodcraft puzzle while kids can spend their time doing some colouring activities. While me trying to figure out how to assemble the Dinosaur zone. Looks complicated..

Themed jumping castles and bouncy castles.
Kids can used up their energy here. Let them jump and have fun! 

Sit back and relax for movie time

Kids wanna try to become paleontologists? With parents help, kids can get involve to  get their own fossil. RM 10 per session.

Game Zone. There are two section to win those attractive merchandise. The first game is to throw the ball inside the Dinosaur mouth. You need to get 3 balls all in to get the huge prize. They give us trial session and it's not easy. You still get a prize even though you lose. RM 10 per game. (Picture on the left)

Next, we move on to another fun game by just choosing any dinosaur on the round table. On the bottom of each dinosaur there is a number. If you get number 50, of course we can choose the big soft toy. My Kids aiming to get the Pony Plush toy and we try three rounds. RM 10 per game. It's hard to get, but we managed to bring back three small items that is worth more than RM 10 each. So totally worth it to play this game. The small prizes includes stationary, dinosaur toy, soft toy and many more. Definitely a memorable items to bring back! 
(Picture on the right)
Come and get the Dinosaur merchandise price from RM 15 onwards. Special dinosaur toys and merchandises from Australia and the quality really worth the price. You can also purchase RM 70 goodies bag (Dinosaur goodie pack comes with mug, painting sheet, toys, colouring pencil and many more

There are few food stalls selling churros, sandwiches, pastries, ice creams and beverages. Take a break at these themed food and beverage zones. 
Wow! Gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Kids have so much fun taking photos and posing inside the dinosaur egg

The staff are attentive and friendly. They observe the kids inside the bouncy castles, cleaning the sand art place, ensure hygienic place at the Dinosaur 3D puzzle and keep the whole exhibit clean. Air conditioning place, comfortable and pleasant.

I am happy to bring my children here to explore and learn more about the facts of Dinosaur and they enjoy every single activities inside. My son was the most excited one that keep on mentioning about Dinosaur and how he get to interact closely with them. Awesome!!

Here the short video on the moving Dinosaur.

Check out more info here:
 Date      :   From 14 July 2017 for 6 months
Time      :   10 am to 10 pm daily
Venue    :  The Lanai, Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact :  03 9235 4800 / 4900 – number of MaTiC

 : www.dinosaursalive.asia


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